My writing is only good for connecting with my feelings; they are bothersome and need attention. Said problems are unique to me by variation. Others may or may not be able to apply my craftsmanship to their own life’s. Being in touch with my deeper self holds a great deal of importance to me, but I would love to take my art to the next level.






Just in case you needed any more proof of why feminism is still a fucking necessity.

Go watch her play the cover HERE and tell me she isn’t fucking talented as fuck… on another video of hers, where her cleavage isn’t in plain sight, comment after comment is “where are the boobs?!” 

Reblogging to give her some proper publicity. She really is amazing at that guitar.

People wonder why I am a feminist. These guys are disgusting

Her boobs are obviously hanging out though…it’s not a matter of the fact that she’s a woman: it has to do with maintaining a level of professionalism. You present yourself to the world, and the world will see you and treat you accordingly. It would be the same circumstance if it was a man playing the guitar with his dick sitting on it. Would the said scenario be a bit more rare to see? Certainly, because men don’t flaunt themselves in that way. Not that women shouldn’t be able to, but if you don’t want that kind of attention, then don’t bring it upon yourself. (Given there is a huge difference between commentary and rape. Rape is a crime and is never okay obviously. But if you’re woman enough to show a bold amount of cleavage, than you are woman enough to handle what will be said about it.)